14th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in White Plains: Do Not Miss This One

WHite Plains Cherry Blossom Festival

While I’ll always be an Ossining gal,  have been graced to live on the perimeter of Turnure Park in White Plains for many years now. And for  thirteen springs I have literally had a front row seat to the White Plains Annual Cherry Blossom festival. Always a wonderful and uplifting event, but tomorrow-Sunday April 28th 2013- will host the best ever-do not miss it!

Organizers at The Japan Education Center have worked just as hard behind the scenes…the entertainers will be just as enthralling…the White Plains’ DPW crews have busied themselves just as mightily this year-repairing damage from the ravages of this past season, then seeding, edging, mulching, planting and such…so why will this one be the best ever??


Two reasons…first: Mother Nature is cooperating. Am certainly not an expert, but like most flowering trees, the blooms of the Cherry Blossom trees have a short span.

Too many warm days speed up the process, too many cold days, or back and forth weather yields mild or uneven blooming. This spring has been on the cooler side, with a gentle trajectory toward warmer temps, PERFECT. Looking out my window as I write this, tomorrow will be MAGNIFICENT.

Other reason it’ll be White Plain’s best Cherry Blossom Festival ever? We are SO READY.

This festival celebrates the beginning of Spring- always an uplifting time of renewal. But this year, we are REALLY READY. Ready to  see neighbors, and share new experiences.  Ready to wear just one layer of clothes, and to feel the warm sun on bare arms.  Ready to breathe clean, crisp air under clear blue skies, stroll and linger under canopies of fluffy, cotton-candy pink flowers.  Ready to put the collective heaviness of the last 6 months behind us. Ready to be HAPPY.


Free, and open to the public, vendors start setting up early, but festivities run from noon to 5. The park is one block in off of Broadway, WHite Plains Cherry Blossom Festivalbetween Main and Lake Streets.   If you’re driving, I recommend parking at one of the municipal lots like Hamilton-Main, (by Wal-Mart) and walking the 2 or 3 blocks…trust me, you’ll spend at least that much time stuck in traffic behind others who keep circling the block.

The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in White Plains is a celebration of Japanese culture:  music, singing and dancing will abound. Storytelling, and other events are suitable for kids of all ages, and popular food and beverages will be available for purchase.  TODAY might be a great day to find and dust off (or go out and buy) those folding chairs that you can carry in a fabric tube, on your shoulder, as sitting space is minimal.


Am always so grateful to The Japan Education Center, and the City of White Plains for this event.

LIKE it now on FB  now to see photos and more details. It will be the best ever, do not miss it.

WHite Plains Cherry Blossom Festival