3 Easy, Quick, Free and Worthwhile Things To Do On Your Computer


1. Sick of Telemarketers? 

Every 31 days, FTC requires telemarketers to search their phone lists and delete any numbers found on the National Do Not Call Registry. lets you register home and cell numbers, and they stay registered, until you decide otherwise.  You can also call from any phone you want to register 1.888.382.1222

2. Junk Mail

The average fadult receives close to 45 pounds of it each  year!! If you are sick of  recycling a small forest’s worth of paper, OR spending time un-clogging your In Box, the FTC recommends DMA Choice to establish junk mail and email preferences

The online tool of the Mail Preference System first established in 1971, you address unwanted mail in 4 categories: Credit, Magazine or other sales offers, and Catalogs.

Direct mail is a green and cost-efficient way to shop, but everyone has different needs and preferences. Time spent noting your specific preferences will yield the best results Details at

3. Donate Life

While none of us know what the next day-even hour will bring, there are untold numbers of people hoping the next hour will bring them a phone call to give them hope, and a chance at a better life.

Leukemia strikes one in  29,ooo children in the US every year, and thousands of adults. is the National Bone Marrow registry that seeks matches for these and others with life-threatening diseases.

Thanks to a stranger’s grace, my friends Mary and Mike Carneiro’s son Mac received 27 blood transfusions, and is now a happy healthy 15 year old. Mike was since blessed to return the favor, and this past May, his ‘match’, Rachael Leisey became Mrs. Sean Neihart.

 Closer to home, there are nearly 10,000 NY residents-70% of them in NY-metro area-hoping that the next hour will bring a phone call, with news of a life-saving organ. 

The Electronic Signature Act, signed into law earlier this year allows NYS drivers, and those with non-driver ID cards to register their willingness and preferences online.

While this makes you consider distinctly unpleasant possibilities, putting myself in the other positions-being asked to make that decision and not knowing my loved one’s preference, watching a loved one wait, suffer and possibly die, even being in need myself-are much, much worse. will give you the facts, answer your questions and let you register and print out form immediately for your signature. Truth told, I had to go back to site twice. Take a deep breath and do it. Mine was mailed this afternoon. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the skies have never looked bluer, the air never smelled as sweet.