3 Easy Ways To Shake, Shake, Shake Your Money-Maker



Why, I’m talking about your  brain, OF COURSE!

While these days find it ohsotempting to be one with the sofa, while decked out in comfy-cozies, I find  too much ‘relaxing’ dulls the gray matter.

Exploring new horizons, meeting different people, engaging in something new doesn’t just make the time pass quickly. It builds new brain synapses, and is a great quick-start to your creativity.  You will feel empowered, inspired, and well, refreshed.

 Here are three quick, easy and cheap-to-free ways to keep you in top form, you know, for when it finally stops snowing

1. Go to a bookstore, or the local library and browse through the new titles.   There is a lot to know/see/think about in this world of ours, the new releases will span a broad spectrum of topics, great food for thought, and for those ‘small talk’ occassions that seem to sneak right up on you.

2. Go to a museum. PLEASE. I can’t say this enough (or keep writing about it!!)  No matter where you live, I can almost guarantee that there are a handful of places you have never visited within a half-hours drive, and many have free or reduced admission at certain times. Learn something new, see something from another’s point of view.

3. Take a class, or attend a talk.  This is ‘High Season’ for  Adult/Continuing Education in most  local  school districts or community colleges. 

 I took scuba diving at the Y this time of year once.  While it wasn’t a hobby I ultimately pursued, I completed the course, and got my certificate, and for 6 weeks, got out of the house doing something different one night a week. 

Dining Etiquette, Cartooning, All About Pearls-all part of our own WCC’s veritable smorgorsboard (orgasboard-orgasboard) of a line up. Check it out and have fun. Your sofa could use a night off.