Home Is Where There’s Furniture. And Lamps. And A Rug.

Home Is Where There’s Furniture.  And Lamps. And A Rug.

OK< we all know it’s where the heart is, too; it’s just darn hard for the heart to be happy if there is no place to sit, put your clothes away, do homework, or have a family meal.

Furniture Sharehouse is a project that resonates on so many levels. They collect your average, basic and clean furniture/some furnishings-to re-distribute them F-R-E-E, by appointment, to clients of 32 Westchester agencies.

Yes they do take clean mattresses and upholstery, small working appliances like lamps, microwaves and toaster ovens, and accessories like wall art, mirrors and rugs. And while drop-offs are always preferred, pickups are available.

So: you reclaim your attic/garage/etc AND get a tax deduction, less goes into landfills, and someone will love your unneeded furniture as much as you once did-not  a bad deal!!

Furniture Sharehouse is open year-round, but this coming Saturday, March 20thstudents from Mamaroneck HS will be running a drive at the school,

And on Saturday April 24thFurniture Sharehouse will be in Armonk, behind North Castle Town Hall, as part of Zero Waste Day. Come by, say hello, maybe even contribute!  Complete details and donation guidelines .