945 East Main Street, Shrub Oak NY: Before, During and After

My client was expanding into a new territory, and wanted  the  building to match his vision.

The exterior needed a classic look, one that complimented the stone base and it’s architecture.

We painted the columns and trim bright white, this brought attention to the graceful and generous windows as well.

Wall color was a deep taupe that picked up and worked with the base color of many of the individual stones, and the existing roof color, giving it a smoother line.

An accent color typically covers about 10% of the total space, but adds 100% more interest.

Classic black was used here to  give a  more tailored  feel, add a richer contrast against the stone and new wall color, while highlighting the different tones of the stonework.

We used this color on the existing  green metal railings, as well as the signage and lighting, to complete the look.




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