Accessories in Home Staging: Creative is the New Sizzle

While it’s provenance is uncertain, the validity of it’s logic is not: It is the sizzle that seals the deal, not the steak.  Accessories have always brought the sizzle to our homes, except now creative is the new sizzle.Creative is the New Sizzle

Aside from hearing a property quickly received multiple offers, the best compliment is being told my Staged property doesn’t look/feel “Staged”; that it feels real, and warm.  For many reasons-most of them reflecting our new-found economic sobriety-big and flashy doesn’t cut it anymore, quality and authentic does.

Buyers want to identify with a space, to be able to see themselves living there. They want to see some personality in a property, but not so much that it’s distracting, or so far removed from them, or what they’d be aspiring to in this house. Yes, that’s right-a fine line that’s subjective, too!

Home Staging is about getting your property sold quickly, and for the best price. To that end, this Westchester County Home Stager will always work with what someone has, UNLESS its’ at odds with this goal.

SOMETIMES we’re super-duper lucky where the homeowner already owns or can procure the right touches, but more often than not, very personal and sentimental things abound in, and define spaces;  with the only other options being to buy, or rent generic things from the furniture rental companies. The former can be pricey, the latter-while ‘better than nothing’-is almost always flat and disappointing.

But now there is another choice. Linens and lighting, art, tabletop and other tschokes: current, fresh, and fun; all thoughtfully collected, then hand-picked for each room, delivered, installed and rented monthly.  Thoughtful strategy, combined with clever and creative pieces to add sizzle to your listings.

Like children, each property has the ability to shine in its own way. Empty space, old, listless or under-performing listing?  Creative is the new sizzle! The Refreshed Home considers all the factors and develops a plan of action to work with homeowners to have their space be the best it can be. Could be buying, could be renting, could be borrowing. Want to know more? (I KNOW YOU DO!)  Call today, start the conversation-let’s talk about getting your house noticed, and SOLD!