Almost September, Made Your New Years Resolutions Yet?

Yes, the days are racing by. Almost September, made your  New Years Resolutions yet? 

No relation to the retail thing, i.e. early marketing for financial gain. I’m speaking to why so many of us consider Labor Day the de facto start of a new year.

Inspired by this pre-internet NYT op-ed piece on Labor Day from ohso many years ago, it rung true then, and now even more with each passing year.

January 1st begins both the Julian, and later Gregorian calendars; but Labor Day resets our clock in so many ways:

  • Less daylight and cooler temperatures in our hemisphere are physical prompts: Here in the northeast we are indoors more, we wear more clothes
  • Back to School and all it entails gets us all on a more structured schedule: Not just students and educators. There is also the preponderance of new: clothes and notebooks to connections and social circles
  • Business-wise, still a month left to amp up Q3, and a whole other quarter left to end the year big!
  • The High Holy Days, usually in early fall, speak to reflection, repentance and ultimately renewal. While not my holiday, I find it impossible not to feel, get caught up in, and appreciate the vibe. Love this primer….

New Years resolutions are cliche. In theory, each day is the opportunity for a new beginning. But it’s SO much easier when all the cues line up.

Just in the course of writing this, I

  • Found out about the Julian calendar-who knew?!
  • Finally subscribed to NYT to actually re-read, not just remember this article. Been meaning to do so for other reasons, just never got around to it
  • Realized the writer lived one town away in Scarsdale NY!! Her thoughts gave definition to my then not-understood instincts.  Would love for anyone reading this who may know Emily Rosen, or her family to pass on my thanks 

Labor Day gives us all the opportunity for a fresh start, a do-over.  To get un-stuck, to better ourselves. To rid ourselves of the unhelpful, even move on.  Whatever change can take you closer to the best person you can be, do it!  Time is fleeting. No matter what you call it, seize the day!