Don`t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way OutUsed to be a seller in contract easily had 60 to 90 days to find their new place and firm up their next steps. 

Lenders have loosened their  Vulcan Death-Grip on funding, and interest rates are advancing. Buyers, tired of waiting to be happy have all helped turn the trickle of ready, willing and able buyers into a wave  Many are asking sellers the same question: When can you get out?

Well, ok, maybe not those exact words, but the point is clear: they want to get into your house, and get on with their life.

This has changed the game for sellers on several levels:

  • First, sellers needing to sell before making any other financial moves are having to consider the new strategy of renting til they get their equilibrium, and funds squared away.
  • Also, they need to make decisions about their possessions, often without knowing where they’ll end up.
  • They are realizing to get the price they want, yes there is stuff they need to do. Because they want clean, pristine and move in ready in their next place, they are now getting that’s what buyers will choose too.
  • Last, it’s hitting home just how. much. stuff. they have. Also, that their kids don’t want any of it…and what’s involved in dealing with it all.

Thinking of selling your Westchester County property? My counsel to clients:

  •  It’s never too early to start preparing a house for sale.  It’s not just the physical part of packing things in boxes…its all the decisions: what stays, what goes, who gets what….
  • Separate out getting ready and being ready from actually listing the house for sale. The formalities can happen very quickly. Even if you think you’re a year, even two out…start now.  You’ll have more options, and avoid making bad/rushed decisions.
  • Invest in infrastructure repairs and finish updates.  Fresh paint, repaved driveways, refinished floors, new faucets or appliances are proven to be high ROI moves, while smoothing the path to a quicker sale.
  • Evaluate larger projects very carefully. Time and cost overruns could hurt you. Leaving an outdated outdated kitchen or bath as is, and pricing it accordingly make it easier for buyers to keep their focus if everything else is move-in ready.
  • Remember TRH not only helps you sell your current house, we also get you into your new place! 

Buyer Consults help buyers evaluate, and see potential in a space. Sellers who’ve hired me to sell their house often bring me back to help them transition into a new space.

This includes seeing value behind its current condition, as well as how their things will layout in the new space.  That I  already know them:  their taste, their needs,  their priorities, their furniture-is a real relief, and a huge time-saver.

There will always be some things that just need to unfold. But buyer consults of even just a few hours The Refreshed Home can help you edit and set a strategy, discuss budget and priorities enough my sellers (now buyers) can get out quickly, and into their new place with just as much ease.

Know someone who has to pick a new place, or get out of the old place quickly?  Get to know The Refreshed Home! Speak with me today about how we can help you make good plans, and wise decisions, so you can get on with your life!