…and the Oscar Goes to-WHOOPS!!

Originally published February 28, 2018, updated and re-published March 20, 2022

Oscar time of year always makes me think of the year we all were speaking in half-sentences afterward: “Did you see…?”, “Can you believe…?” , “What the heck …?”,  “How…?”

On live TV, in front of millions worldwide, the absolutely unthinkable happened: the wrong winner was read for Hollywood’s top honor, Oscar for Best Picture of the Year.

The stage was filled with LaLa Land cast members, jubilantly hoisting statuettes and hugging while producers took turns giving acceptance speeches.

But a few moments in, the energy changes.

There was on-stage activity behind the stars. There were guys with headsets and worried looks were pulling people aside. Then….BOOM!

I’ve watched the video a number of times since. It still gives me chills….resolve…and hope. (short vision is above, longer 7-minute clips abound online)

Imagine: collectively, hundreds and hundreds of years of show biz experience on that stage, all stunned and shuffling about.

It was 36-year-old producer (and Westchester County NY native!!) Jordan Horowitz who stepped up. He looked into the camera, said there was a mistake, called the rightful winners up on stage. After a moment of shocked silence, the room rose. As one, they gave him a standing ovation.

There are those who’d argue it was only a matter of time before inevitably, that wrong would somehow have to be righted. But that is exactly the point.

Jordon Horowitz didn’t wait for the inevitable. Immediately, without filters, without time to think about how this would play out, he said and did the difficult thing. The right thing.

Sometimes the hardest part of leadership can just lie in taking those first steps, showing others the way deep down they know they need to go.

In the throes of Spring Market, we’d all do well to remember while it’s hard to hear difficult things it’s also difficult to say them. Also, sooner is better than later.

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