Another Reason I Feel Very Good About 2011

 Not quite 3 weeks  into it, I continue to feel very good about this New Year.

 Last weekend, on behalf of a client, I went to one of those ‘Starving Artists’ trunk shows…you know the    ones, they set up in a local hotel.

 They advertise like crazy a few days before, and they sell wall art for not a lot of money, like $5o.oo for a 2′ x 3′ painting.

 Had never been to one before, but this client swore by them, and being we had a deadline to meet,  so what the heck.

Walking towards the room, a steady stream of people holding wrapped canvases passed me…good sign, I thought. But when I got there, I was stunned.

There must have been 500 people in this huge room, most holding several canvases quite possessively  already, and all were intent on the mission on hand.

Husbands were off  to the side, dutifully guarding numerous canvases,  while wives were making a second trip around the room;  babies were being carried while canvases were in the strollers.

 I couldn’t get near  the table with 12″ x 12″ canvases for $8.00, it was like a hot craps game was going on behind the throng. Are you seeing how many canvases these people are holding??


And they weren’t just holding them, they were buying them, along with pre-made frames, also value priced.

So why, might you ask, does a feeding frenzy on inexpensive art make me feel so darn good?

I always believe that art can make you happy, but this was more. These were people who were excited about their homes and their space again. They were looking to be happy, and to have things they like around them. 

 These people are engaged and moving forward; their mood was palpable- upbeat and invigorating,  this is a good thing for us all. 

The subject matter was 99% landscapes, and a few funky geometrics, I never did find anything suitable for my client. But I did find this little guy…is it my imagination, or is he winking??