Are You in the NICE and PRETTY Rut? Try Out OneLook

Communication skills are one of the things that set us apart in in life and business; vocabulary is one aspect.

Unexpected words elevate the message. They add interest and nuance, and help the message be heard more effectively.

I personally love using familiar, but under-used words; and new words, but only with a light hand, and if it reinforces the topic at hand.

But thesauruses can be predictable, or over-reach. Which is why I am so excited about finding this new (to me) online resource.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary  lets you describe concepts, and it shoots you out 100 words to consider, in order of relevance, with links to its definition so you can see if it’s the fit you were hoping for. Words from other cultures, too…in my own searches for re-working my marketing materials Mensch, Fiduciary, Mahatma, and Saoi came up. Take a look, and be inspired!