Registered to Vote? Tick-Tock, Do it Now!

Originally written in 2012, refreshed and re-posted for 2018

Are you registered to vote?

I hold an individual’s right to vote very dearly, and decry anyone who wants to mess with that. ANYONE.

As August progresses, November seems oh-so-far-away. But anyone who treasures this right needs to focus on the here and now.

National Voter Registration Day is next month, why wait? 

Realtors and Movers:  Your business is about people changing their address!  An easy and meaningful way to reconnect with recent clients would be to send them a link your local (and non-partisan!)  Board of Elections with info on how they might register to vote in a new area.

College-bound? Citizens who will turn 18 by Election Day can register to vote now. Use social media to remind your peers to register to vote before they leave-and also to inquire/make arrangements NOW about absentee ballots. Post links, and ask others to like and share.

Friends, parents, neighbors: Know anyone whose name/status/address might have changed? Urge them to make sure they register to vote in their new home. How to quickly and easily register in your municipality is one google search away. Your one tweet, your one post can make a difference.

Similarly, your own status as an eligible voter is not to be taken lightly. Even if you are a regular voter, the rules in your state may have changed without you being aware of it. US government’s website has this link to states with new laws concerning photo ID requirement. If you’ve changed your name, or address-even if you’re in the same district, your info needs to current!

Legal challenges laws will almost certainly continue after the election. But now is the time to be sure you’re registered to vote, and prepared in the way your state now requires.

If you have any reason to question your status, now is the time to check with your local Board of Elections. PLEASE. In our area, a quick call to the Westchester County Board of Elections (914.995.5700) can confirm your eligibility and info on the spot.

Deadlines are fast-approaching: Do it now, or lose it.

President Lyndon Johnson delivering remarks in the Rotundra of the US Capitol after signing the National Voter Registration Act, August 6th, 1965.

LBJ Library/Photo by Frank Wolfe