Are You Suffering From 2020 Vision?

Are you suffering from 2020 vision?

Typically the measurement of how clearly you can see something from a distance, but it’s exactly the opposite in the real estate market.

Simply, 2020 vision is a condition that affects one’s ability to see the current real estate market clearly.

Named for that frenzied, alternately euphoric, crushing, and exhausting Qs 3&4 2020 vision can strike any buyer, seller, or real estate professional without warning.

Also, it can be quite contagious. Parents, friends, and loved ones of said buyers and sellers as well as anyone who likes to pontificate about real estate are all at risk.

It affects everyone differently
  • For sellers: Symptoms can include expectations of non-stop showings, and multiple over-ask offers with no contingencies. Some cases have reported visions of signed contracts that give them a year to find their new space. Also, fantasies of not having to paint or clean out closets, or do most anything else the stager recommended. 
  • Buyers cannot put their phones down. Their car is kept gassed up and ready to go, stocked with snacks for those dinner-time showing appointments. Calluses develop from continuous scrolling, and they can bounce between hope, joy, and despair with a single text or call.
  • Agents report a more subtle onset, usually after multiple and prolonged exposures to stricken buyers and sellers.

Treatment is non-invasive and two-pronged: Fueled largely by regret and short-term memory, sufferers are first urged to put their big-boy/big-girl pants on, and just settle themselves down.

Then, it’s recommended they keep their distance from those appearing still actively symptomatic. Avoiding breathless missives on the state of the local market by the media is crucial. So is developing partnerships with knowledgeable and resourceful local real estate professionals like a real estate agent, and a stager.

Those affected by 2020 can absolutely go on to make a full recovery! Former sufferers have gone on to live less stressful and more productive lives by using ‘real estate is cyclical’ as their mantra.  Great success has also been reported by both sellers and buyers who simply are prepared, realistic, and bring their “A” game from Day One.