Are You Tired?

Are You Tired?

In the last week I’ve met with 4 new potential clients, each with a different agent.

Their houses have been on the market for anywhere from 3 to 5 months.

Each seller had made efforts to prepare the house for the market, and to have it show-ready at all times.

Yet in each case, there were few showings, and  no offers.

All parties-sellers and agents-were discouraged, and yes, TIRED.  The kind of tired where you’ve been back and forth so many times, you can’t think straight and just want to walk away.

Sellers are tired of being ready, living their life in limbo, and giving it all they had, with no results.

Agents are tired of having no news or bad news for sellers; tired of having neither a vison for change, or the words to even address it. 

Given the overall fatigue, and costs both sides have already incurred-agents in marketing the property, sellers in carrying it longer than they anticipated-who knows what will happen.

But this is why they best time to talk to me is before your house goes on the market.  Before you spend time, money, or waste that all-important first 30 days of a new listing. 

Staging supports all of your efforts, and makes the most of what you ARE able to do to prepare your property. 

Whether your property is about to be listed, or is currently on the market-if you haven’t been getting the results you want, dare to look for a way to make changes. Call me, let’s talk about getting your house SOLD.

But first, I know you could use a smile, so  enjoy this clip  from one of my favorite Mel Brooks movies.