Ask Around: Chances are Good Someone You Know Has Worked with Me!

“Celebrity Stager”  certainly sounds glamorous, but anyone really involved with this field knows it’s more a fantasy.

Home Staging can be hard work, but it’s also a lot more stealth than you might imagine. Sellers and their agents both have a lot on the line, then ohyes, there’s this property that needs to shine, center-stage, too…

Value is a perception, always in the eye of the beholder.  The value of a service is often difficult to describe until you’ve experienced it.

Interior Decorating and Home Staging are highly personal services, delivered in a hyper-local enviornment: a set of solutions tightly calibrated to a clients needs, goals and  expectations.  Aesthetics are important, Staging solutions also reflect the current market; consider,  and support the agents’ pricing and marketing strategy. And yes, Time Is Money.

Thirty-plus years in Westchester County homes>>>first as an Interior Decorator, later as a Home Stager, I am proud to suggest potential clients and their agents ask around, because chances are good  someone they know has worked with me.

While  projects are not about me, or my personality, they kind of are, at least a little, in the beginning We start with the relationship. You’ll want to feel comfortable communicating with me, feel you can trust me , as well as my ideas, or color sense.

As owner of The Refreshed Home, I’m  proud of the message I’ve crafted, the people who’ve been helped by our results, the friends I’ve made, and and the presence I have here within the Westchester County Real Estate community. TRH knows experience matters, kindness counts, and discretion is a given.

So while you won’t probably won’t see The Refreshed Home on HGTV anytime soon, ask around: chances are good someone you know has worked with me!