Asked For, And Answered: Thank You, Active Rainers!!

Have talked about ActiveRain before…it’s an online community of real estate professionals, now aver 200K strong. Have been an AR member a little over a year, active with it about 9 months.  I’ve learned a lot, adding both smarts and polish to my repertoire.

Technology options and applications is a skill that does not come easily to me; I personally know and have worked with ARers numbers 1-3 in our area, and a big shout-out to each has generously helped me:

White Plains’ Ruthmarie Hicks has helped me understand Google juice is not a new sports drink (although if someone was looking to develop one and market it to realtors…);  just yesterday Debbie Gartner of Floor Coverings International recognized a need and offered to show me how to wrap text around graphics on my posts, and Phil Faranda even volunteered to go to the Verizon store with me and rough them up a bit on my behalf..what pals!!

Now I know Phil  is really excited about mixing it with those Verizon folks, but truth is I know them all, and friends help friends.  What about people who don’t really know each other?

Last night I tested the whole professional help and support thing out. Felt kind of sheepish, but thought WTH and went with it. W-O-W!

Did a post titled I Need To Upgrade My Phones,  Any Recommendations? and only sent it to  2 AR groups I joined moments before,  Tech Corner and  Gadgets, Tools and Extras. (Checking in with groups you had no strength or expertise in-and asking for help-IMAGINE!)

Literally within moments I got my first reply; over a dozen within the half-hour.  Plus two others who had the same questions I did, and was just as interested in the feedback. At 1am on a Sunday morning, EST. 

 I learned 2 things from this: yes-about phones/service, but more importantly, it was a real gut-level learning moment-how to ask.  Have found the fellowship among AR members to be both supportive and challenging, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Looking to make a move this week, watch for the post script!