Aspirational Photos: A Step Beyond Wow

Look at enough of anything, the differences blur, and they all start looking the same. 

Experience enough of something, the wow dulls, and nothing registers beyond ordinary. 

Sensory overload, it happens with the coolest shoes, the best chocolate brownie, or the newest apps; why should listing photos be any different?  But how to break through buyer’s  visual overload and make your listing memorable when visual is the only sense engaged?

A few years ago I was reviewing some high end luxury listings. Of course EVERY house had a magnificent staircase…a grand DR…an enviable chef’s kitchen…a stunning patio, and each with a pool. They were all beautiful homes, but the last shot of the last listing did it.

Someone had gotten into the pool, and took a semi-underwater shot similar to the one above one. A black lab swimming toward the camera with a ball in its mouth. The dog was smiling, its snout was enormous, thisclose to the camera. 

Had I been an actual buyer this house would’ve been on the top of my list.  That one shot touched me more than any of the pedigreed furnishings, more than any of the striking architectural elements. It told me this was a happy house, a real house where real people could live with their real pets and have fun.

Since then, I’ve looked to set up aspirational photos in each Westchester County property I work on. Aspirational photos are more thoughtful and creative than expensive or complicated, most everything in these shots are what the sellers already had. 

Simply, The Refreshed Home goes beyond the visual, beyond the wow. Aspirational photos touch on buyers’ hopes and dreams, and focus on the fun and romance of various spaces. And YES I am of the mind that kitchens, reading nooks, gardens, garages and workbenches can be just as romantic as the most over the top Master Suite.

Aspirational photos highlight what buyers crave, and what they can do, how their life will be bettered when they buy this magic house. 

Here are some recent shots…they touch on order and organization…






Happy and healthy living…










All sorts of things!





















Interested, curious? Talk to me today about styling memorable photos for your listings!