Attraction Rather Than Persuasion: Seek the Sun During COVID

Seeking and choosing goodness, what made sense and feels right were my takeaways in Aesop’s classic (c. 600 BC) Wind and the Sun fable. Attraction, rather than persuasion.

Then, about 2100 years later in Akron Ohio this became a cornerstone of the first, and now beloved 12-step program.

Attraction rather than persuasion speaks to how an individuals’ power of choice to make real changes. In AA its explained “you had to want what they (the now-sober alcoholics) have, and ask how it was achieved.”

Difficult times are noisy. They clamor for our attention, calling up all the bad angels and keep us feeling fearful, agitated, and off-balance. But we have choices. Better to take a breath and look for the Sun.

Seeking the Sun doesn’t ignore or sugar-coat difficulties. Instead, this mindset acknowledges what is, and focuses instead on doing what can be done to get past, to get to the better.

Here in NY it’s been devastatingly intense and breathtakingly swift.  We’ve learned the hard way you can’t argue with COVID-19.  Also, there is still much to be understood. Best to leave that to the doctors and scientists. But how we cope is up to us.

For today-choose well. Seek the Sun. Find strength and comfort by attraction rather than persuasion. Look for kindness, practice compassion-to yourself as well as others. Contemplate gratitude. And, if you can, be the Sun. Share. Shine brightly, be visible so others can see you.

This video makes the rounds in December, but it may help you get going in the right direction.  Be well, and stay well my friends.