Behold, The Power Of A Magic Closet

OK, we know closets aren’t really magical, but funny the power an attractively organized closet does have over us…we …just…want…them.

 On the flip side, no matter how big they are, overflowing and unorganized closets tell buyers there is not enough closet space.  It can also be taken as an indication of  how the rest of the property has been maintained. 

Buyers half-believe this power comes along with the property, and those that own these wondrous closets seem so gifted, and seem to have  a lot of other things in life  just  to fall in place for them.

We’ve even lusted and laughed over them– remember the commercial where both men and women gasped and screeched at the beauty in their friends’ respective walk-in closets…hers was filled with  finery, his with imported beer.

Selling or staying, having organized closets need not be thought of as an unattainable goal. Here are  5 easy ways to have the closets of your dreams.

1.  Lest your home take on the atmosphere of a giant swap meet, do one closet at a time, and finish it completely before you start the next.  You will keep perspective that way. Do something upbeat before starting-take a brisk walk, have a good breakfast.

2. Pack/Store out of season clothes. If you’re staying, you’ll be excited, all over again in a few months-NEW CLOTHES!!  If  you’re selling, think of it as a head start on your packing, because OF COURSE you will have your house sold, and be moved into your new home by the time you need them again!!

3. Make  3 piles of what remains: Gone, Negotiable, Staying. A recent study shows we only wear about 10% of what we own-ouch!

Anything that doesn’t fit, or you haven’t worn in a year goes into the first pile  Negotiable needs repairs-or perhaps one more wearing  to remember why you have not worn it in a while…ummm-perhaps orange isn’t your color after all? Staying is what you wear, and love-that 10% that you reach for all the time.

Be ruthless and quick; once something is in the gone pile, don’t re-think it. There are people and places that will gladly welcome and use what you have forgotten about, and is taking up valuable closet real estate.

4. Get good, matching hangers-your closet will feel so…civilized.  Choose sturdy slimline hangers in a neutral color, with multi-features like built-in hooks and bars, or the ability to add on clips.

 Some are covered in a flocked material; they’ll cut down on noise, and keep the slinky stuff from sliding off-but keep a few plastic ones around for anything damp (flocking can come off, onto wet clothes).

5. Put everything in color order, light to dark, even shoes. Seriously. Jest, even roll your eyes if  you must, but then take a closer look at all the closets you’ve ogled…closets that gradually flow from one color to another are sleek and polished, and seem more spacious.  Sometimes simple can be so effective!