Being Ready to Sell: Best Strategy for Westchester County Downsizers

Longtime Westchester County homeowners imagesCA68GX0Icontemplating a downsize move already have a lot to think about. Yes, the economy, and our real estate market have been recovering, but it’s been uneven. Add in the chatter about the Feds’ upcoming meeting to discuss raising the interest rate-any angsting over which possessions get whittled down pales in comparison to the questions of “if”, and “when”.

Two thoughts to add perspective:

  • “IF” comes first. Simpy, all the other questions like when, how, and even how much are moot if you’re not ready, willing or able to sell.
  • Getting ready to sell, and being ready to sell are not the same thing as actually putting your house on the market.

The actual mechanics of a listing going live-signing papers, scheduling photos-can happen pretty quickly. Trust this Westchester County Home Stager-preparing your house for sale- editing and packing, and lining up any needed repairs or updates is what takes time

Once you realize selling is in your foreseeable future, there is no downside to starting the process of getting the property market-ready. You are more in control:

  • Emotionally, you acclimate yourself to the decision. You can work at your own pace, and ideally you’ll have fewer rushed decisions to make pre-listing (or regrets afterward!).
  • Financially, you’ll be in a better position to shop around and schedule any needed repairs or tradespeople.
  • If your house is market-ready, you’ll be able to act quickly should there be a significant change in the economy or your local market….but you’re still not committed to anything.

Home Staging-i.e. getting a property ready for sale- is much more pragmatic than many realize. The Refreshed Home defines Home Staging as whatever can be done to improve the market position of a property that supports your goals and price point, while easing your mind.

We know experience matters, and that kindness counts. And that a little help can make all the difference.

Our consults are interactive and fluid, exchanges of information, ideas and options. We break things into manageable segments, so homeowners and their families can think things through, and make their own best decisions.

Thinking about, maybe torn about selling? Having a plan, and getting ready could be your best strategy. Talk to me today about how easy it can be to get started!