Buyer Consult from TRH: New Option for Getting Empty Houses Noticed, and SOLD

Old beliefs die hard; that Home Stagers exist to bring rental furniture into empty houses is one of them. 

As client advocates, The Refreshed Home works collaboratively to ease the minds of buyers, sellers and Buyer Consults TRHagents alike;  helping ready, willing and able parties get to YES.  TRH’s business model is based on strategy and service;  our success comes from referrals, not referral fees.

Preparing a property for sale is ALWAYS about doing the best you can: finding that sweet spot of what is doable, affordable and effective, that will connect and resonate with buyers. Sometimes, yes, renting furniture for an empty property is called for.  But if that’s not possible, what’s your backup? Waiting, seeing, hoping….then price reductions?

What about if you’re a buyer?

Home Staging makes it easier for a buyer to see themselves living there, it highlights a property’s value, and potential. If you’re like 95% of the population who can only see what’s in front of them-do you automatically pass on listings of empty houses?

While Decorating and Home Staging are *not* the same thing, the skill sets from 32 years of working in Westchester County homes converge in Buyer Consults, a specialty service offered by The Refreshed Home.

Buyer Consults are for Westchester County buyers and sellers, and the agents and brokers who represent them. Working with qualified and committed buyers and reasonable sellers, TRH helps bring the two parties closer together>>closer to YES>>closer to SOLD by walk-through, interactive consults of the empty property.  Space planning (furniture layout, what will fit, what goes where) and color consults (like how to make big changes inexpensively with costly givens like older baths and paneling) are the most common requests.

Prospective buyers and buyer agents will hire The Refreshed Home to sort out and clarify options in different properties; sellers and their agents bring in TRH for Open Houses, or when the feedback indicates buyers just can’t ‘see’ all the property can be. In either case, one hour of one-to-one back and forth is often  all that’s needed.

As an independent contractor, TRH does not ‘sell’ anything, but provides ideas, and puts tools in others’ hands, enabling them to make good plans and wise decisions more confidently.

If you are selling, or looking to buy an empty property in Westchester County-or represent a party who simply is *thisclose* to being able to move forward, consider a Buyer Consult with The Refreshed Home. At $95.00 an hour, it’s a lot less costly than a price reduction,  a whole lot more fun, and can actually help get you to YES!