California Chrome: Colors, and Destiny

images5Never been a horse person…but what drew me in enough to read California Chrome’s story, chuckle at the story behind  “DAP” on the silks, then be genuinely touched by, and interested in this story was this photo of him winning the Derby, resplendent in purple and green.

See, I’m a little partial to purple and green….when I quit my paying job (with benefits!) to start The Refreshed Home in 2007, I had the name, and the colors, purple and green.

Can colors influence your destiny? Not suggesting  California Chrome will run faster because he’d decked out in purple and green (for the record, horses aren’t colorblind, but don’t see colors as vividly as humans do).  Nor do I work any harder just because those colors are on my letterhead.

Instead, consider this: Each color has an energy and an essence.  When chosen well, the right color will naturally attract the people who will ultimately make the entity-or goal-successful.

In a nutshell purple is both regal and whimsical, the stuff dreams are made of; green is fresh, life and energy. Works for me and my business, and if you know the back story of how this horse came to be, how  hands-on, and lovingly he was raised, you’ll probably agree it’s worked for him too.

Can colors influence your destiny?  Well, as a Home Stager, I’ll choose  specific colors to resonate on listing photos, engage buyers and draw them  through the entire house. As a Decorator, I help you get your makeup on right in the morning, be more productive in your office or business, help you feel all cozied-up at night, and ensure you throw lively, vibrant parties on the weekend. Those all sound like important things to me!

Will wearing purple and green help California Chrome win the Belmont Stakes-and the Triple Crown-tomorrow? Well, I think these colors have helped draw the kinds of people who’ve helped him get this far…and now he’s got my heart, too!!