Captain Crunch Wins The Herding Group!!


Yes indeed, it’s mid-February, which means Westminster Dog Show in NYC-YAY!!!

The dogs are great, I get smarter, and I even like the commercials!!

We all have our favorites, but the German Shepherd Dog is my favorite-favorite.


With Bella Blue at our side, we watched, hoped, then cheered when this almost 5 year old German Shepherd Dog named Captain Crunch -a.k.a ‘Cappy’-won best in the Herding Group.

No small feat, as there were some real lookers there, including a brand new breed from Mexico, who first year in made it into the judges’ first cut, out of 28 breeds.

Tomorrow night are the Terriers, Working and Sporting categories…then the crowing  jewel, Best in Show competition, and we’ll be rooting for ‘Cappy’ all the way.

It will be an uphill battle, as the Herding Group has had only one Best of Show since the category was created in 1983.

BUT- – –

Can you guess which breed did win it then, back in 1987??

Bella actually does watch the TV intermittidly durnig the show, but Doug and I have found we need to balance our cheers with reassurances–“Bella, you KNOW we love the the best of all!”  Isn’t it crazy how well they train us??

GO, Cappy!