Caring: ZERO Cost, Highest ROI Investment We Can Make

Caring: ZERO cost, Highest ROI Investment We Can Make   

It was the end of looong day. Tired, hungry, and no mood to cook, I stopped in a local deli  to see what was hot and immediately available to go home.

A few minutes later I was out the door. My hands were full with dinner, my heart was full of gratitude.

Seeking whatever was leftover from the steam tray, I was first asked if I had any allergies. (Seriously, who takes the time to ask that??) I got delicious food that was fresh, and beautifully, thoughtfully arranged.

A generous stem of bright green crisp steamed broccoli divided the protein from the carbs. Also, got a primer on how to carry it, as tops weren’t fitting so well as containers were kinda full.

This was not a big order. I was just someone who wandered in, frankly looking kind of rough at the end of a day on-site work. And it was the end of probably an even longer day for them.

Yet they took the time to care, to fuss over me and these 2 containers of food. While this is what I believe in, and try to deliver in my business, I wasn’t used to being on the receiving end. It was unexpected, and touched me to the core. I thanked them profusely, and went on my way.

In our relationships, and in our work: caring is the ZERO cost investment that delivers the highest ROI. It tells others more about us than almost anything else we can say or do.  And every interaction, every day, gives us the opportunity, and the choice to make caring part of what we do or say.

Battaglia Brothers of New Rochelle-thank you for **all** I went home with last night. I will be back!