Selling Collections: Books

Selling Collections: Books

Selling collections has always been a thing.  However as we continue to trend towards a pared-down abode, more of us find ourselves with collections we have no idea of what…

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Consults for a Cause: Hurricane Dorian Aid

We Each Can Do Something: Consults for a Cause 2021 & 2022

I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something. ~Edward Everett Hale Heard-or read?-this quote some years ago, and it…

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Expectations, and All You Can Eat Sushi

Never thought about the words All You Can Eat Sushi being together, in one phrase before until I saw this in a FB feed. There are instances where unlike things…

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Enjoy Next Summer: Use the Next Snow Storm to Plan Spring Home Improvements

When you’re doing the next pre-storm snack and bread run, spring home improvements are probably not on your mind. Buffalo wings or stromboli (or AND stromboli?). Cocoa Puffs, chips, guac,…

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Did Downsizing or Selling the Family Home Come Up Over the Holidays?

Holidays are typically a time to re-connect and catch up. This year, in perhaps a more meaningful way than ever before. If downsizing or selling the family home was one…

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Sherwin WIlliams Evergreen Fog 2022 COTY

COTY 2022: Will the Design Community EVER be Happy?

When pigs fly. A cold day in hell. Don’t hold your breath. Etc. You’ve heard them all, idioms relating to highly improbable events. Well, pigs are zooming past snowballs in…

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Perpetual Trade Deficits and COVID: Or, Why You Can’t Find Yellow Pillows Anywhere

Regular readers know TRH deals with logistics and financial matters every day. But always local and ultra-micro. Perpetual trade deficit and implications from COVID are global and complicated issues. This…

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UPDATED: Donating and Thrifting in Westchester County

Many of us enjoy the yin-yang of donating and thrifting. Clearing out some things, supporting a good cause, acquiring new treasures, usually for a pretty good price-it’s green and economical. …

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What to Expect from a Pre Listing Consult

What to Expect From Pre-Listing Consults

Working with a home staging professional might seem foreign or frivolous, especially if you’re a DIY-er at heart.  But good news, no-strings-attached, pre-listing consults has been a business model that’s…

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Then and Now: Design Trends We Can All Get Behind

Design fads and design trends may sound mysterious and arbitrary but are rooted in realities. Both signal our innate desire for change, for something new, and both reflect some element…

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Lessons From the Supermarket

Searching for ways to explain and clarify what I do is always top of mind; making connections between familiar but disparate elements (of any type) has become sort of a…

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Consults for a Cause ervices of Westchester

Consults for a Cause March 2021: Family Services of Westchester

Widespread vaccinations are helping us gingerly venture out into the world again, but many in the social services sector know the hard work that lies ahead. Consults for a Cause…

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Marie approaches her recommendations with a down-to-earth sensibility and is also a lot of fun! I have a new friend.

– Susan Sachs, Chappaqua

After Marie staged our house, we had second thoughts about leaving. Couldn't believe we live here.

– Paula and Roger, Hastings-on-Hudson

I don’t always like deferring to experts, but my investment was paid back approximately 20:1.

– Thor Mann, Croton-on-Hudson

Marie has a skill set that is professional and gentle. She removes a homeowner's stress and feeling of being overwhelmed.

– Bonnie Stein, Julia B Fee, Rye

Marie was very easy to work with. I wish we had used her expertise years ago!

– Barry Zelin, Ardsley

Marie Graham gets 5 stars from us! She was spot on in knowing exactly how our house should look for the photographs and the showings.

– Charlotte and Hal, Ardsley

Marie helped us with both selling our old home and decorating our new home. She recommends practical items of good value and is so committed to the details.

– Sandy McCormick Sleepy Hollow

I'm very thankful for Marie's excellent suggestions, from paint colors to floor finishes. We had 3 offers and sold above the asking price!

– George Casale, Bronxville

Marie is the color whisperer. We wanted totally new colors, and now our home is colorful, energizing and harmonious. Our friends comment on how welcoming and warm it is.

– Lesa Rader

She is smart, funny, engaging, with a great eye and creative ideas that we’ve implemented ourselves. I highly recommend her!

– Nan F., White Plains

She’s through and goes throught your home without judgment, providing recommendations with absolutely no pressure.

– Karen Dreher, New Rochelle