Channeling John Belushi

Channeling John Belushi

John Belushi  had a recurring character, Science Editor on the Weekend Update.  He offered commentary on ordinary current events, like St. Patrick’s Day, Skylab falling, or the weather.

They started out as expected, but he’d go off on a tangent, until what he thought was the real insanity would get him so worked up that he literally would go flying off his chair.

I can identify.

Recently there’s been a change in how I talk and blog about Staging. I’ve always felt passionate about what I do; but there’s been a different tone. Yesterday on ActiveRain I was one of close to 200 who commented on  a post 7 Reasons Why Your House Won’t Sell.

Written by a Realtor, mostly for other RE professionals, and all were in agreement…yet I’m writing my own pro-Staging manifesto, out of breath and drained after I hit the ‘submit’ button.

Have never been one for those caterpiller-into-butterfly metaphors, but changes are coming.  Stay tuned!!