CHOPPED: The Home Version

CHOPPED: The Home Version isn’t a game where you draw ingredient cards and advance on a board filled with different culinary challenges. And it’s not an app either. (Not sure how that could even work, but there’s an app for everything else, so let’s just take that off the table now)

Frankly, there’s not a better comparison, no more accurate way for consumers, and the real estate industry to think about staging an occupied home than CHOPPED: The Home Version.

Basket of unknown and unlikely elements

Home full of unknown and unlikely elements







  • Contestants and stagers are both presented with a surprise collection of unlikely ingredients/elements and conditions.
  • With the clock ticking and big bucks on the line, they need to figure out how to make the best of what they’re given. The goal is to create something visually engaging and satisfying to critics and audiences (agents and buyers)

Also, consider what makes a good contestant/stager:

  • Range and Vision: Deep familiarity with a variety of disparate elements so to create a harmonious and novel product
  • Quick-thinking, and resourceful: Able to make big decisions; also knows how to maximize all resources, including time
  • Confidence, and expertise: Understands process, has a mastery of techniques for excellent execution

My first career was in corporate design and management.  I launched TRH in 2007 as a design consultancy; staging entered the picture almost immediately. When the bubble burst, the choreography of selling, buying and moving changed overnight. Values dropped, houses just did not automatically sell, and financing tightened mightily, necessitating selling before buying for many.

Our market not only recovered, but has shot into overdrive this past year during COVID. In real life, as in the show, challenges change…and there will always be challenges. Just SO much easier if you know someone who knows what to do with the real estate equivalent of grouper fish, bread cheese and mustard greens!

TRH works with Westchester County sellers to get their properties their market-ready best.  No matter if you’re just starting the process, or re-evaluating what hasn’t worked. Change happens; it can be a good thing. Talk to me today about how to get your property noticed, and SOLD!