Color 101

If you live in the northeast, chances are good you spent a bunch of time this weekend checking out Henri with graphics that looked like this.

Meteorologists rely on color to quickly get your attention and have you remember important things.  It’s a lot like that in staging.

In listing photos you have just moments to break through and engage the viewer. The right color is part of what makes a shot, and a property more memorable.

The Refreshed Home BEFORE Exterior Color  

When getting a property ready for sale there’s also cost and ROI to consider. This means that unless it’s a gut reno flip, there’s likely to be more givens than if it were a decorating project.

In kitchens and baths, the right color paint can make the largely fixed items like tile, cabinets, and countertops look their best.

The Refreshed Home BEFORE BA Color

But sometimes it’s in the best interest of the sellers to make updates like changing countertops and backsplashes, and painting cabinets.

The Refreshed Home Backsplash Counter BEFOREThe Refreshed Home Kitchen BEFOREThe Refrreshed Home Kitchen AFTERSometimes it takes a new floor color and wall color to give a property its due.

The Refreshed Home Stairs BEFORE













And even though buyers aren’t buying your furniture, they want to see a cohesive look. This Sound Shore property had been beautifully, lovingly decorated, but in original listing photos all you saw was wall color, Two coats of HC-84 Elmira White on the walls, and BOOM, all of a sudden you noticed the fireplace!

The Refreshed Home LR BEFORE TRH’s counsel is that color enlivens! Regular readers know I’m generally not a fan of white walls.  but if that’s what you’ve got to work with, art and other props will draw the eye around the space, adding depth, contrast, and character.

The Refreshed Home Conservatory AFTERThe Refreshed Home Kitchen #2 AFTER The Refreshed Home Playroom AFTER  

Color on the wall, and TRH’s rental art and other props warm up vacant spaces.

The Refreshed Home Sinning Room BEFORE

The Refreshed Home Entry Halfway   

They’re also good markers when virtual staging will be part of the mix.

The Refreshed Home LR#3 AFTER   Home staging is much more than emptying a space, painting everything white (or gray), or bringing in white furniture. TRH believes preparing the sellers is just as important as what you do to the property.

  • A unique mix of tasks, products, and services
  • Calibrated to meet seller goals and buyer expectations

TRH untangles the complicated relationship people have with their space, and their stuff.  I help homeowners face difficult things and make good decisions that’ll put more money in their pockets.

Is listing in your future? Or maybe you’re contemplating changing what hasn’t worked? Either way, when you’re ready to make a change, a staging consult with TRH will get you going in the right direction. Talk to me today about getting your property noticed and SOLD!