Colors You Love: Going for the Greys!

If  you’re chromophobic, but know it’s time to paint, all the decor chatter extolling the virtues of grey sure sounds like good news. I mean, it’s grey! How hard can it be??

Have you been to a paint counter lately??  Greys (and grays!) abound.  And they are devilish, changing tones as you watch them dry.

Paint color consults are a big part of what I do for both design and staging clients. Walls are the biggest surface area, and make the biggest statement, so I always establish a wall color first.  Here are some of my favorites, and yes they are all considered as grey.




A big part to choosing a color you’ll be happy with is to buy good paint. It’s the quality, and quantity of pigment that accounts for the cost differential. The color of good paint finishes saturated-dense, but not harsh.



Notice all the different undertones. Looking at them together you can see them going into green, blue, even lavender. Warmer greys really speak to me, and just read so well in listing photos…but the cooler, wispier ones go a long way to elevating a white on white bathroom….



Hmmm, starting to sound like the beginning of a series…?