Comparing Pre-Juno Frenzy, and the WC Real Estate Market

When something is always available, most people tend not to think much about it.  It’s easy enough to make arrangements to  procure it  when they want to, or need to.


However, when circumstances change, when options lessen, people can panic, and leap into action.

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We’re not usually motivated to think or plan proactively when we are comfortable. But that is precisely what  The Refreshed Home  counsels clients: Planning to sell  their Westchester County property?  Get Ready, Now. 

Buying a home is an emotional decision, any number of things could nudge a prospective buyer off the fence and into the buying pool: an unseasonably warm spell or an uptick in interest rates; continued economic improvement/consumer confidence, renters deciding they want the tax benefits of owning, seeing their friends buy, or noticing houses they like being sold quickly, at escalating prices OR EVEN finding their own next home.

Like the incoming winter storm Juno, these things are out of a sellers’ control, could materialize quickly, and are minimally predictable at best. Sellers need their property to be ready when buyers are ready to buy. Those starting the process of preparing their home for sale sooner rather than later will have more options:

  • They can make decisions at their own pace
  • They can shop around, have more choices for any trade or service providers they might need
  • They will be poised to move quickly when circumstances change-any of the above, or even better, they find the next property they want to live in.

Remember, signing the listing agreement and scheduling photos is the easy part, it can happen in 24- 48 hours. Going through closets, packing/disbursing contents of attics or basements, cleaning and refreshing your space-not so much.

The Refreshed Home is Westchester County’s most complete Home Staging service. Flexible, innovative, accomplished and responsive,   TRH brings a thoughtful approach to the creative process  If you are planning to sell your Westchester County property, be ready for when buyers are ready to buy,  talk to me today about getting your property noticed, and SOLD!