Consults for a Cause November 2020: Westchester Residential Opportunities

The sancitity of “home” is at the core of all TRH believes, and does. We are therefore pleased to announce November 2020’s Consults for a Cause recipient, Consults for a Cause WROWestchester Residential Opportunities.

Their motto says it all: Saving Homes, Saving Families. For 52 years WRO has been an advocate for equal opportunities and fair housing rights of Westchester residents.  Leah Caro, Board Co-Chair, and owner-broker of Park Sterling Realty explains:

“Founded in 1968 to help people of color get financing to purchase a home. This was something not often attainable in those times, regardless of the Civil Rights Act passed in that same year.

Since that time WRO has grown to be advocates on housing for not only people of color, but all of the national, state, and local protected classes. This includes Seniors, the Disabled, and those with Mental Health issues.

WRO helps prevent foreclosures and evictions, offers financial literacy counseling, and tests the real estate and banking industries to ensure legal compliance.” Please read more about who Westchester Residential Opportunities is, and what they do here.

During this pandemic eviction and forclosure prevention have been the most in-demand service. But as cold weather approaches, requests for grants to keep the heat and the power on for our most vulnerable neighbors will  climb.

Consults for a Cause is a monthly event where TRH redirects 8 hours of consult fees to a designated 501c3 local charity.  Simply, instead of paying me, the client writes a the check to the charity. They get the charitable deduction, as well as some warm and fuzzies, knowing they’ve helped making the world a better place.

A shout-out to Lorraine C of Pleasantville, The Sood Family, and JT Farms. Together last month they put $1470 into the coffers of Elmsford’s Feeding Westchester. And a thank you Nicoal Crawford for the good work Feeding Westchester does, and for this smile.


Want to help WRO? Book your design or home staging consult here…or, click here to donate to them directly. Also, open to conversation with any local business thinking of doing something like this themselves.