Consults for a Cause, October 2020: Feeding Westchester

October 2020’s Consults for a Cause beneficiary is Feeding Westchester.  Known as the Food Bank of Westchester when it first opened its doors three decades ago, Feeding Westchester has both refined and expanded as the years have passed.

Pre-COVID the numbers were staggering: roughly 20% of Westchester County residents, including 1 in 3 children were food insecure.  Today, with so many out of work, and kids not getting subsidized meals at school it’s hard to imagine how families are coping.

Feeding Westchester puts fresh food and meals into the hands, backpacks and on the tables of Westchester County residents via:

Please read more about their good work here.

Consults for a Cause is a great reason to get started on home projects you’ve been thinking about. Want more info? Contact me directly.  But if you’re like me: in a good place, grateful, and wanting to help, Feeding Westchester would love to hear from you.