Consults for a Cause September 2021: Drug Crisis in Our Backyard

Addiction has a ripple effect. Beyond those using, it touches those Consults for a Cause September 2021: Drug Crisis in Oour Backyardwho love them, depend on them, live or work with them. Two things are a certainty: It doesn’t discriminate, it can happen anywhere, to any family. Also, it flourishes in the shadows.

September is National Recovery Month, where research into evidence-based treatments and support of the families and professionals are championed. Having seen both my parents taken way too young by their own addictions, I am grateful for September’s Consults for a Cause designated charity: Westchester’s own Drug Crisis in Our Backyard.

When your world is rocked by tragedy, helping others avoid this pain brings some measure of comfort. Founded by two sets of parents who each lost a grown child to opioid addiction, Drug Crisis in Our Backyard brings awareness, hope, and help to those in addiction’s cross-hairs.

We are as sick as our secrets, as the saying goes. And when you think you’re the only one, or that no one else could ever understand, you stay silent.

Being able to even talk about addiction is usually the first step; Drug Crisis’ community events and public forums have eased that step for many. Community-based, they bring ongoing support and resources to help addicts and their families get to, and stay in recovery.

So as before, Consults for a Cause re-directs 8 hours of design or pre-listing consult fees in September to this charity. Simply, clients will write a check to them, instead of TRH. Of course there is no sales tax, and you will get an acknowledgment from them for your tax records.

Want to help, but don’t need any design or listing prep services?

  • Your direct donation of any amount to Drug Crisis in Our Backyard is appreciated and needed to support ongoing programs
  • Register here for their annual Run for Recovery event is going on now (virtually), and in person on September 25th at Yorktown’s FDR Park. Consider registering and gathering sponsors, or again, donating outright. Two weeks out, they’re just over 60% of their way to goal. Let’s make it happen!
  • Follow their FB page to share awareness of, and event schedule within your circles.

A big shout-out to August’s donors: Together Deb Glatz of Coldwell Banker, and the Laffer, Romanello, Marks and Cooper families contributed $1612 to helping Ossining’s IFCA create more affordable housing, and more able homeowners re: their job training and financial literacy classes.

During this pandemic, so many have lost so much. Am grateful for the opportunity to give back. If you run a small business and are considering starting up something on your own, absolutely call! Happy to talk it through and bounce some ideas around about what could work for you!