De-clutter, De-personalize (Yada, Yada, Yada): Five OTHER Good Reasons To Bring In A Professional Stager

De-clutter, De-personalize, (Yada, Yada, Yada): Five OTHER Good Reasons To Bring In A Professional Stager

We’ve seen B&A’s, and  videos of properties properly prepared for sale…but buying/selling/staging is a largely visual entity, media can’t really touch on the intrinsic value, or intangible services that consulting with a professional Stager brings.

While it might not make for good TV, here are the first two of five other good reasons why it makes sense to bring a professional Stager into your house buying or selling experience:

1. Consults with a professional Stager can bring perspective to pricing 

While the refreshed home never, ever weighs in, or offers input about suitable pricing on a property, physical condition and general appeal do factor into what it will list, and sell for. So YES, comps and agents’ pricing strategy is part of the conversation, to better understand the market, and design the best solution for this property.

Stagers help sellers see their property-and others’ properties-through the eyes of buyers. While a hoped-for result is getting the best possible price for a property, sometimes the answer is that the sellers just cannot do a single thing. At this point consulting with a professional Stager can be the gut-check that supports the reality of an as-is listing price.

2. Professional Stagers provide service to Brokers, Owners and Agents, too.

YES, this professional Stager subscribes to the teach-a-man-to-fish way of thinking, and interested RE professionals are just as much part of my market as the buying and selling public is.

Knowing what I know does not make me an inherently better person, it just makes me good at what I do. Without sounding all prissy-pants about it, sharing the right verbiage with interested RE professionals so they can confidently make it part of their conversations, and integrate it into their own business makes us all winners.

Brokers who introduce me to their agents have one less thing to deal with, and they elevate their ‘brand. Newer agents can learn hands-on, in-house skills, and experienced agents who might already be doing this on their own will be surprised at the time they have freed up, once they know they have a trusted professional they can depend on.  Sure, I love to get “the” job, but when I can help make something meaningful happen for a RE professional, I usually get “the client”.

Since more and more people need to stay in their house until it closes, creating a pleasing visual is the the easy part. Starting the conversation with a professional Stager who has in-house, and hands-on experience in managing the people, the process and the expectations could be the best phone call any agent or seller could make. So call already!!

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