“Death Wish Coffee”: Are You Kidding Me??

Death Wish Coffee.  Are you kidding me?

Seriously-have you heard about this stuff yet?

Touted as The World’s Strongest Coffee, it comes from a mysterious bean that contains 200% more caffeine than the regular Arabica beans.

NOT CHEAP ($20.00/lb) but it is Kosher, Organic, Fair-Trade, and even bird friendly (??).

Disclaimers abound on their website-Warning! Not for sissies!

Cooler heads offer warm online testimonials-one would assume they were given when the Death Wish effect had plateaued, and they were feeling a nicer mellow?

I don’t know…sure, who doesn’t have days where we could use a little extra kick?

And clever name…like any other product that has ever dared Mr./Ms. Consumer to take them on, they will probably get a lot of mileage out of the novelty.

Well thought-out, they evey have their own line of merchandise…besides coffee and coffee cups, there are t-shirts, and …come on…bumper stickers?

Just what I want to see on the Interstate or Parkway-drivers who are even more jazzed, and couldn’t be prouder.