Decorating FAQs: What Comes First-the Sofa or Rug?


…or the wall color, or the window treatment,  or …?

Welcome back to FAQs, the series where everyone is treated to quick and specific answers to their questions about their space and their things, The Refreshed Home-style!

Indeed, what comes first?– even decorators wrestle with that age-old question!

Many decorating projects start with a “given”or two. But  thanks to the improving economy, have been seeing a wave of new clients who renovating or just nuking an existing room, or moving into another space with room they never had before. In other words, a blank canvas. ISO a starting point, their question usually sounds something like this:

 “My (insert title of well-meaning, usually female relative) told me to always choose (insert favorite decor element of said well-meaning, usually female relative) first-is that right?”

Experience taught me clients are really looking for an anchor, something on which to shape, and build their own understanding and comfort level. The Refreshed Home was created for just that reason:

  • believing the decision-making process is just as personal as the decision itself
  • to help a client discover their own style, and increase their confidence in decision making while transforming their space

That means acknowledging/respecting clients’ relationship with said well-meaning, usually female relative, BUT setting up a strategy that works for them.  “What comes first?” This Westchester County Decorator’s counsel it to start by defining/finding  the major element that speaks to them the most, often where they see the most color or pattern. 

Working on-site, with resources in hand, we figuratively put that one idea/item on the table-a wall color, the patterned rug, a specific sofa fabric. Together we discuss and fill in the other major elements, so the client is comfortable ‘seeing’ how that  would play out in a complete room.

They may come to realize that say, that red sectional isn’t the way to go for them….but maybe a red wall is!  AND they’ll feel darn confident in their choice of that perfect, magnificent smoky red!!

Other times, we’ll dislodge old ideas/misconceptions that are not relevant anymore: YES, there is a difference between drapes and window treatments.  Linen White is NOT a good default choice for wall color, and NO durable fabrics do not have to  look industrial.

Looking to snazz up your space? Super Bowl party, an upcoming family wedding, or “it’s just time”-The Refreshed Home can help! Bringing a thoughtful approach to the creative process, talk to me today about how we can untangle your thinking, prioritize your thoughts and resources, and help you make your best decisions so you can get on with enjoying your space-and your life!