Decorating for the Stars: Happy Birthday, SCORPIO!

Even if you are not a believer, it’s always fun to check and see what the stars are SUPPOSED to hold for you, or  your loved ones. Each month we take a look at what makes each of our motors hum, home decor-wise. This month, we wish a Happy Birthday to SCORPIO!

Most commonly characterized by the nocturnal, stinging scorpion, a  Scorpio’s reputation often precedes them…and most of them like it that way. If you are shopping with-or for- a Scorpio, the #1 most important thing to know is their decision style is more important,  much more of a constant than their specific taste or tendencies.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio (October 21-November 20) are intense. They are a strong sign, but not strong like LEO strong. Leos attract others with their confidence and charisma; Scorpios tend to…well, scare some people.  Like the Scorpion’s tail. a Scorpio’s stare keeps you off balance, and keeps you ar bay,  Never challenge a Scorpio to a staring contest, you will lose.

Scorpios are passionate folk, but do not wear their emotions on their sleeve. However, they do respond well to direct questions. You’ll  always know where you stand with them, and if your goal is to get decisions made and move on, you’re golden.

They won’t sugar coat, so if there are any background issues, you’ll hear about it: the office that needs to be organized, the in-laws who need the law laid down about drop-in visits, even the amount of time/energy you might be spending, er, wasting on deciding!

As outwardly impassive as they may appear, family and friends are one of Scorpio’s passions.  They are very loyal and supportive, so a home that is warm and welcoming, ready to host loved ones at a moment’s notice is important. Nothing is timid about Scorpio, and red-or other saturated contrasting colors are a good place to start.

A good size dining roon, a well-appointed living space-perhaps an outdoor kitchen-all ways to their heart.

Cute and fussy will never do. Even a cottage or bungalow will be funky and artsy rather than sweet, or delicate. Whether their taste is classic 18th century, French Country, or uber-modern: best to remember that strong colors, decisive lines and bold mixes is always their style.