Decorating With, and For an Aries

Endeavors like decorating succeed when they nail the process, as well as the results. As a provider, or someone participating significantly with the decider, knowing what resonates with them is key.  

Considered the beginning, or birth of the zodiac cycle-Aries is the perfect sign to get this series started!

Always in a hurry, they only move forward, constantly looking to get things done. In fact, Aries is one of a handful of signs for who a successful process is almost more critical, more satisfying than the result.

Most interesting thing I’ve found about Aries deciders, is that it’s generally not about the pedigree of product, or the status of being an early adapter.  Genuinely, it’s more about their being paid attention to, being listened to, and the competition of getting things completed first.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Red Planet, and also the Roman God of War. Winston Churchill was born under the sign of Sagittarius, considered a lesser Fire sign, ’nuff said!  They are the driver, they love to get projects started. And yes, woe to the unprepared providers, or others in the deciding party who can’t keep up!

A cardinal (i.e. the primary) Fire sign, there is great energy, few subtleties, and very little middle ground with Aries.  Reds make a good starting point for color choices.

As deciders, they will not be one to pour over fabric books, ponder hardware choices, or become engaged by the romance of artisan work. Not to say they don’t appreciate quality, they just don’t waste time and energy getting caught up in it, they want to decide and move on.

As you might guess, they like instant gratification. Don’t look at stone that has to be mined and sent by boat, or a 3 year landscaping plan. And don’t think about hiring people who can’t get to the point, or always run late.

They are active, and whatever they enjoy, they do fully: that stove should be an induction cooktop; the pool table, a full size regulation, and the dining table needs to be big enough to accommodate their many besties. (HA-bet you were wondering when the warm and fuzzy side would come out!).

Aries are as extraordinarily loyal to their friends and loved ones as they are outspoken and impulsive. Kind of evens things out, wouldn’t you say?