Designing for the Stars: Happy Birthday, CANCER!

Even if you are not a believer, it’s always fun to check and see what the stars are SUPPOSED to hold for you.  Each month we take a fun look at what makes each of our boats float, home decor-wise. This month, we wish a Happy Birthday to CANCER!!

While Cancer (6/21-7/20) is represented by the crab, their nickname of Moon Children is more telling. Rooted in the lunar rhythm, and the pull of the tides, Cancer is a true water sign. Like the planet itself- the moods and sensibilities of Moon Children appear to be in constant transition. But because it’s cyclical, and not random, it’s a little easier to understand. Kind of. Sort of.

At first glance, their shifting moods may seem unpredictable..but their unpredictability is well, predictable. If a Cancer in your life rebuffs, dismisses or cuts you off, just know you are seeing the waning of the Moon…give it a little time, they’ll be back.

There is much to like about Cancers. Like the crab, they can have a hardened exterior, but are intensely sensitive at their core-they tend to feel things very deeply. Cancers are passionate people, who generally love to laugh. And I don’t mean they have a good sense of humor (although they often do, and appreciate it in others) but when they laugh, they laugh down to their toes.

The time of Cancer includes Independence Day, and appropriately, Cancers are usually very loyal, and extraordinarily patriotic.  Family and  home are sacred to them, and their children rate even higher.  They tend to be frugal, but money for a typical Moon Child represents safety and security, not status.

Similarly, Cancers are not particularly materialistic, but  instead surprisingly sentimental, and in their homes, that translates into a tendency to hang on to EVERYTHING, as well as a suspicion of what is new.  Anyone who lives with, loves, and shops with (or decorates for) Cancers know all about how hard it is to convince them to let go of, or replace something. Come to think of it, this Westchester County Home Stager would also have her hands pretty full…!

New-trendy-flashy will rarely be of interest to a Cancer-unless it can be proven to add better comfort to their nest, or provide  protection, support or encouragement for their children. or other loved ones. Value-in the form of solid construction techniques, or as an investment will hold their interest.  Big bucks for  bedsheets for thir kids that came with SPF5o? Perhaps; but they can see right through those hucksters, and their super-duper 24 hour only special holiday promotions.

Last, you want to know that Cancers-like a true crab-will rarely follow any straight lines to get to what they want. One step foreward, two steps to the side, that’s the way it goes. Not expeditious, but isn’t knowing to expect that just as good?