Designing For The Stars: Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Astrology is one of those things that has lots of degrees of believing. 

Here is a casual look at the different signs, and some ideas that have real star-power for them; we’ll start with Pisces.

Pisces (February 21-March 20) is the last sign of the ‘cycle’,  and is said to have inherited a a little bit of everything that went before them. Typical Pisceans are intuitive,   imaginative and compassionate.  They are sensitive to others, and to their environment.

Their creativity is abundant in the arts, but has applications in many fields. Some famous Pisceans are General William Westmoreland, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg,  Basketball Dunkmaster Julius Erving a.k.a. “Dr. J”,  Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  Also, scientist Linus Paulding, Olympic Skater Dorothy Hamill, physisist Albert Einstein,  activist Ralph Nader, famous daughter/news journalist Chelsea Clinton, and Inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Sure, their sign is fishy, but the Jacques Cousteau School of Interior Design is not necessarily the way to go.

As far as color palette, blues-greens-purples-all the water tones are usually a good bet. Wouldn’t rule out reds, but not clear, stark reds.  A GREAT RED for Pisces is Benjamin Moore Affinity’s AF-300 Dinner Party Red.  Strong and deep, but blue undertones keep it warm and aged, not sharp or hard. Rarely will you see a Pisces drawn to browns,  or yellows and oranges in their clear, or acid tones.

Because of their connection to-their fondness of-things that went before them, the newest, shiniest, biggest whatever will not catch their attention.Vintage, anything with a history-will hold much more attraction: tapestry or kilm pillows, a leather-topped writing desk, a cheval or landscape mirror.

Generally not attracted to “bling” or “glitz”-Elizabeth Taylor being one very obvious exception-but shimmer gets two thumbs up. Much like sun dancing over the water, it’s fluid, and mesmerizing. Iridescent taffeta as a table skirt or drapes, moire lampshades, even choosing a pearl finish on wall paint-are all ways to float a Pisces’ boat…so to speak.

Pieces do not like closed-in spaces, so it’s natural they’d gravitate to open floor plans of more modern homes, but the clean lines will be sleek and polished, even curved; but probably not hard or austere. An angular sofa becomes almost sculptural when covered in a rich mohair.

They are also not the most organized of souls, so generous and well-planned storage space makes it easy, and keeps the peace.