Designing For The Stars: Happy Birthday, TAURUS!


Astrology is one of those things that has lots of degrees of believing, but thought it’d be fun to take a casual look at the current sign, and some of the decor ideas the stars say they will love. So this month, we wish a Happy Birthday to Taurus!

Taurus (April 21-May 20) is represented by the Bull. An Earth sign, they are solid, and truly planted. Most Taureans would describe themselves as ‘patient’…while  the other 11/12ths of the population would characterize them as ‘stubborn’.  Ahhh, perspective! 

Home-as a place to welcome and put up friends and family-is very important to Taurus. They are a real ‘home and hearth’ personality; a stable group that prefers a serene and consistent environment.  They don’t make any decisions before they are ready to, and not too fond of change in general; sudden change sets them off badly.

But don’t get any idea they are sticks-in-the-mud, or anyone to trifle with, either. They are rock-solid in their chosen fields, just without all the drama. Some famous Bulls include sports legends Johnny Unitas, Yogi Berra, Andre Agassi and David Beckham, and Popes Pius IX, and John Paul II.  Actors Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, George Clooney; Doctors Sigmund Freud and Benjamin Spock also born under this sign.

World leaders-the good, bad and the ugly-have a strong presence here: Golda Meir, Czar Nicholas II, former PM Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth; as well as Hirohito, Saddam Hussein, Marx, Lenin, Ho Chi Min.  Taurus is second most popular sign of US Presidents (after Leo):  Monroe, Buchanan, Grant and Truman…presidential progenitor Prescott Bush was also born a Taurus, does that count for two more??

Grounded as they are, Taureans tend toward the earth tones-warm browns and corals, mossy greens, and neutrals. Picture the matador waving a red flag-you’ll remember bouncy and vibrant colors hold little appeal to Bulls. They are not early adapters-meaning they will not be camping out for the next ipod release, but show they BIG-well, that’s another story. There is no room in their lives for cute, dainty or fussy.  They will buy the loft over the seaside cottage, and their choice of furniture will be simple, but of generous proportions.