Designing for the Stars: Happy Birthday VIRGO!

It’s pretty simple to craft a happy space for those born under the sign of Virgo (August 21-September 20).  They are consistent, detailed, precise, meticulous.  And worriers…big worriers. SO-wait for it- simple…but not necessarily easy. Well, ok, as long as you keep anything loud, bling-y, fussy or high-maintenance out of the picture it’s easy.

Virgo is not a dominant sign like Scorpio, or Leo…used to think I didn’t know too many of them, but turns out I know many.  Virgos abound in any occupation that is equal parts focus on detail, and compassion for the human condition: Education, architecture and engineering, law, politics and medicine.

Not  usually not the loudest people at the party, or the ones wearing (driving, listening to, fill in the verb of your choice) the latest and hottest whatever.  But they are not pushovers, not by any stretch. And a solid pal-neighbor-co-worker  you can count on? Every day, and twice on Sunday.

Decorating is not just about how something looks, it’s how someone’s underlying values and needs are recognized, and addressed:  For Virgos, start in the bathroom.

Despite their quiet nature, Virgos can worry themselves into a frazzle…the infamous ad “Calgon, take me away!” was probably conceived by a Virgo. They need  a soothing environment, where they soak-or steam- their troubles away; give them big fluffy towels in soft blues, greens, jades, even plums.

One of the clearest way to a Virgo’s heart is a BIG medicine cabinet and linen closet. All their worrying, they tend to keep a lot of OTC remedies at hand…antacids to vitamins, they need space to hold it all, and make it easy to organize. Mirrors are big, too.  They’re not overly wrapped up in what other people think if them, but being impeccably well-groomed is part of what makes them feel organized and right with the world.

Virgo’s fastidious nature carries all through their space. Fussy fabrics, convoluted floor plans, conceptual art is not the way to go here.  No plan-or ‘winging it” will not be well-received. They are drawn to details, done well. Simple lines, crisp tailoring, in classic colors and materials  make them happy. A leather Chippendale-style wing chair (in a even, a.k.a. corrected leather) and (exactly spaced, highly polished) nail head trim is a perfect metaphor of their decorating style.

They are frugal, but not miserly.  Waste is upsetting, so “green” choices, or anything that can be re-purposed is very appealing. In that same line, a big repeat on the draperies-where there would be waste, to match the pattern-will not fly.

“Home” is a very special place to most Virgos, and they cherish what is done well, and provides comfort to them, their friends and loved ones.  Simple, and when you really understand what is dear to them, easy as well.