Designing With, and For Taurus

You might be more curious than a believer, but here’s a fun look at this sign: their decision style, and the decor ideas they stars say they’ll love.  

Taurus (April 21-May 20) is represented by the Bull. An Earth sign, they are solid, and truly planted. Most Taureans would describe themselves as ‘patient’…while the other 11/12ths of the population would characterize them as ‘stubborn’.  Ahhh, perspective! 

But those born under the sign are not passively …umm…’patient’.  Ambitious, decisive and often quite accomplished in their fields, here’s just not lots of drama or back and forth.

Taurus is the 3rd most popular sign for US Presidents, after #1 Aquarius and #2 Pisces.

Take it from this Westchester County Decorator, home-as a place to welcome and put up friends and family-is very important to Taurus. Loyal and attentive to their loved ones, and even their casual friends know they prefer a serene and consistent environment to surprises or drama.

They don’t make any decisions before they are ready to, and not too fond of change in general; sudden changes make them dig in. Stereotypically the strong and silent type, they can be immovable. Point here is that if your new client, or your beloved is a Bull, slow and steady gets it done.

I read once that while Aries likes the game, Taurus likes the reward. This seems right. Not early adapters, but they crave quality and beauty. Not so much for labels or status, but for how things actually look and feel.

Products, and spaces that address the physical self, that cater to the Bull’s senses speak volumes.  High thread count linens, furniture with sleek and polished lines, dedicated, niche spaces like workout or meditation rooms, can all touch Bulls to their core.

As an earth element, no surprise Taureans tend toward real and organic materials, and earth tones like warm browns and corals, plus of course greens, and neutrals. They prefer texture over pattern mash-ups, and generously scaled pieces win them over every time.