Ruminations: Success Delayed Is Not Success Denied

I love trivia.

Sometimes just little bits of information, easy to remember can add to a conversation, or fill in some blanks to a story or situation, bettering your understanding.

Other times it’s a simple fact that you just find thought-provoking, something that puts a new spin on how you see or think about something.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous and easily-recognized artist of all time: we all know his sunflowers and his irises; his starry nights and his cafe scenes.


Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting while he was alive, Red Vineyard at Aries.

In his lifetime he created upwards of 1100 drawings, and 900 paintings…yet sold only one, and he died never having any sense of his impending success.

In our real-time-is-not-fast enough mindset, that is an awesome thought. Persistance…Confidence…Faith…Purpose….all worth remembering if success is not ours when we think it should be.