On This Day-April 26th

On This Day-April 26th

 Did you know….

LOVE this time of year for so many reasons…one of which is longer, but cooler days-PERFECT for baseball.    

Another is that I am holding my own in a field of champions in the Active Rain Baseball Junkies Fantasy League…

It’s a long season, anything can happen, but to invoke SNL’s Garret Morris doing  Chico Escuela- ” April has been bery bery good to me”.

Did you know…Take Me Out To The Ball Game was written by Jack Norworth (lyrics) and Albert von Tilzer (music) in 1908 and copyrighted then.

Neither gentleman had seen a ballgame before writing this song.


On this day, in 1941, the first organ was played in a baseball stadium. Wrigley Field , home of the Chicago Cubs…while many other fields still have organs, many do not use them; opting instead for more modern music and other technologies.

Here is Chicago’s beloved Harry Caray, to show us how it’s done: