Ruminations: The “Best Picture” That Almost Never Got Made

You know those things you come across from time to time that just make you say an inner ‘wow’?

Simple statements, thoughts or bits of trivia that are intriguing enough to fill in a blank, or put things into  a perspective you just never thought of  before.

They may make you smile or make you think. Perhaps make your day a little brighter, even make you feel a little smarter.

Welcome to Ruminations the new home for all these neat, thought-provoking ideas ( that are now on pieces of paper on my desk…on the dresser…on stickies, attached to my mirrors…) and yes, your comments and contributions are welcome!

Did you know the 2010 Best Picture of The Year-The King’s Speech came from an un-rehearsed reading of an unpublished play?

In his acceptance speech, Tom Hooper, the film’s director, explained that  in 2007  his mom was to meet friends for lunch and then attend this reading, to be given in a small town in her native Australia.

She did not find the subject matter appealing, or even of  interest, and almost didn’t go.

She decided to go, and was struck by the telling of this heartfelt true story. On  her return home, rang up Tom and said: “Son, I think I’ve found your next movie”.

Greatness is all around us…looking past hyperbole, we free up brain space so we can be open to new ideas and opportunities.