DIY Home Staging? Sure, If You Know What to Do!

DIY (do it yourself) projects have been around for a long time, with results as varied as the projects, and the people who attempt them. From piercings to plumbing, YouTube is full of DIYs Gone Bad.

The DIY draw, in most cases is financial; the DIY flaw is underestimating the skill and experience needed for the task at hand.  But of course, if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be fine.

Risk and reward go hand in hand. If you’re cutting your own hair you have a 50-50% of saving about $30…or, it’ll grow back. If you’re dealing with your car, or your home, you’ve got a lot more on the line.

While not exactly DIY, The Refreshed Home fills that middle ground>>working with homeowners  who like a DIY pricepoint; can, and want to do things themselves, but just need to know what to do.

While very ready, willing and able to plan/facillitate complete Home Staging solutions for busy, absent, or otherwise unavailable property owners or landlords, the overwhelming majority of clients hire The Refreshed Home as their partner.

We start with an interactive consult: First, we get to know a little bit about each other, and discuss how things would actually work. Then attic to basement, garage to porch, and everything in between, we cover it all.  Up to two hours in the house, with  a comprehensive strategy/action plan via email (including free referrals)- $285.00>>still at 2010 pricing,  through the end of the year. (And yes, hourly rates are available for smaller spaces, coops or condos)

2012 saw 22 of TRH Staged properties close for a combined selling price of just under $15M : from a $200K ranch house in rural Connecticut, by way of a remote consult; to a $1.4M Victorian home in the Rivertowns that included new paint and flooring, one bath update, another re-do. Three properties were 7-figures.  Six properties had multiple offers, two  went for over list. Two properties rented furniture, everyone else used what they owned, or could borrow.

If you are trying to sell, or planning to sell your Westchester County property, give it your best, but don’t go it alone. Get to know The Refreshed Home. Together we can create professional results for a DIY pricepoint.