Do These Things Now for Best Early Spring Market Listing Photos

Depending on the weather, and who you ask, early spring market can start  anywhere from December 26th (that’d be me)  to Groundhog Day, or Super Bowl Monday. This year it’s been a slower pace toward winter,  perfect for homeowners wanting to catch this market.

WHEN is the best time to list is always a decision between you and your agent. My job is to be sure your property is ready, and the photographer will have a lot of shots to choose from.   Being ready gives you control. It lets you choose your WHEN. Right now, while the weather is still with us, Let’s talk exteriors.

Ideally exterior photos are seasonally appropriate, and slightly forward. The exteriors you take now-of leafless trees, and middle-of-the-day bright light will be a welcome sight in February and March’s early spring market.

For Starters

Consider that some buyers may’ve never maintained a property before. A clearly well-maintained property holds big value for this buyer. Here are some easy fixes you can do now:

  • Clear leaves, mow the grass
  • Edge, turn over garden beds
  • Remove seasonal garden decor. Flags and figurines go in the garage, replace worn doormats
  • Before ground freezes, plant spring bulbs
  • Fill window boxes with seasonless greenery-boxwoods, small holly plants
  • Make sure all outside lights work; bulbs are bright, same color and wattage.
  • Even if you’re planning to toss it, not a bad idea to clean up the grill

Call in the Pros

Safer, and saves time   

  • Clear out gutters to avoid ice dams
  • Does roof, or any awnings need a shampoo? Important especially for any aerial shots
  • Wash the windows, inside and out.
  • Power-wash! The house, fences, garage doors, the deck, walls, walkways, even the outdoor furniture. Green build-up is dangerous when walkway surfaces freeze, and on other surfaces becomes very visible against snow.

Landscaping as a Cornerstone

If your agent determines that your property’s landscape is a cornerstone to your listing, they may want to take a few photos of the same spot over a few of the seasons. Our MLS provides for up to 36 spots for photos and floor plans, and your agent can best advise you on strategy for photos and timing for your listing.

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