Do We Need to Stage Mom’s House?

2020 has brought many things into focus for us all. Deciding to sell Do We Need to Stage Mom's House?a family house is one of them. Inventory has been low in Westchester County for some time, and *at this moment* buyers outnumber sellers handily. So with all this demand, wondering if you need to stage mom’s house is a good question.

Are you ready for an unexpected answer?

No. Or yes. Bottom line, it depends on how you choose to define home staging. 

Do you subscribe to the original, 1.0 version of home staging where furniture is brought into the house? My answer then is no, that’s probably not going to help get mom’s house sold quickly, or for the best ROI. 

But if you believe a thoughtful, independent whole-property evaluation and exchange of ideas will help you make your best decisions, then YES you should speak with a professional home stager.

Illuminating consumer choices has been The Refreshed Home’s cornerstone since being launched in 2007.

“Home staging as whatever can be done to improve the market position of a property, and ease your mind.”

Perhaps you live out of the area, or have just been busy with your own life. Or maybe you’ve just never thought about anyone else living in mom’s house.

  • As family members grow up and move away, less of the home gets used; repairs and regular maintenance can fall by the wayside.
  • Long-time family homes become time capsules of sorts: the cozy and safe place full of memories. Unfortunately, this gives buyers waaay too much information about why you may be selling, which will hurt you.
  • TRH has always counseled clean, pristine, and move-in ready is the gold standard. Here in Westchester County in 2020 the value of kids being able to put their heads on the pillow the first night simply cannot be overestimated.
  •  Even with low inventory, it’s still the best-looking properties that get on top of buyers’ list, and see the most traffic.

Staging mom’s house just means putting its best foot forward. 

  • A blend of tasks and services that are different for every family.
  • A conversation that looks to untangle, and get everyone on the same path. I
  • Delivering a plan that aligns what the family is willing to do, with their goals and expectations.

And in my own life, I found it a meaningful way to honor the house, the memories and the people who helped create them. If I can help you and your family get mom’s house its market-ready best we should talk….!