Does This House Need A New Floor Plan?

Am I the only one, 72 hours out, still feeling bruised, bullied, even dirtied from all the political campaigns?

Regardless of your affiliation, it was hard to escape the rancor or this electoral season, harder to imagine this not carrying over, or the sessions to follow accomplishing anything of importance with this bad attitude.

Personally and professionally, I have always felt dealing with people directly, and with respect is how to get things done.  “Incivility” is a word I first read in an op-ed piece in the NY Times about the message our preoccupation with our electronic devices really sends; loved it.

Very fortuitously, just as the dust is settling and the posturing is starting,  I found a short essay, with a simple suggestion that I would call brilliant.

Joe Reeder is a former assistant secretary of the Army, and a lawyer in Washington. In a piece written earlier this year, he describes a quick, easy, no-cost, no downside way to help neutralize partisan nonsense so all our elected officials can really focus on the task at hand.

If you want your elected officials to walk that walk, please consider sharing this with them. Common courtesy and professional respect, now THAT would be a refreshed house we could all get behind!!